SafeDisc-1 semi-cleaned note...

Laurent Pinchart laurent.pinchart at
Mon May 27 19:46:43 CDT 2002

> > The second one has been written by Alexandre to fix the process
> > suspension at creation time. Once again I'd like to hear from him to know
> > what he doesn't like about the code, as he's the one who wrote it :-)
> And I would also like to see this patch converted/ported to the current cvs
> wine. Because the init_event has gone, and so most of the code in this
> patch does not pertain.
> I tried to do it myself, but have failed... So for now I cant update my
> wine for the current cvs version (though I would like to :)

I've just had a look at the code and I can't see a way to merge the patch.

Alexandre, could you have a look at that ? It seems that you removed the 
init_event cause it wasn't needed anymore, but it is by SafeDisc. Or can you 
think about another way to fix that ?

Thanks in advance.

Laurent Pinchart

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