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Dustin Navea speeddymon at yahoo.com
Tue May 28 13:35:23 CDT 2002

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> + Advise to discuss this issue on wine-devel. Not
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> + One more approach - if a target of a shell link
> does not exist create a dummy
> + target with some "UNKNOWN" icon, which will be
> replaced later. I like this
> + approach more.
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Here it is.  Well, after looking at the code, I found
out that it does create a key in RunOnce to create the
icon after reboot, but the icon never gets created, I
didn't do much investigation into why, but I do
believe that the initialization of wine doesn't read
RunOnce and so therefore the icons never get created. 
Also, after some more investigation, I found out that
StarCraft.exe and StarEdit.exe don't get created until
after the Windows Start Menu links get copied, so what
needs to be done is either implement the runonce
reading in wine init, or create an initscript that
reads it and creates the icons with wineshelllink upon
reboot, OR we can force icon extraction to be delayed
somehow until after all other files have been

I personally like the 2nd idea best, as it is 1) the
easiest and 2) actually goes with the trace message of
"Deferring Icon Creation to Reboot"...

Actually, The 2nd idea could even go into the
initscript that is posted in bugzilla already, its
under one of the early bugs, the one about being able
to double click the exe and it runs...


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