Stripping of whitespaces at the end of lines

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Wed May 29 10:14:34 CDT 2002

"Medland, Bill" a écrit :
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> > Subject: Stripping of whitespaces at the end of lines
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> > This is the first post in a series of posts about the same
> > subject. The
> > plan is to post the rest in the following days (as the total is >2MB
> > uncompressed, I don't want to send it all at once). Each patch will be
> > compressed (diff.gz) for that same reason.
> >
> > Alexandre, if you don't intend to apply it, please say so (along with
> > why), so I won't post some big patches for nothing.
> >
> > Changelog
> >  - Strips whitespaces at the end of some C lines.
> >
> > Vincent
> I would have thought it would be safer simply for Alexandre to do the
> stripping locally rather than posting a whole load of patches.
> At the same time how about agreeing the size of a tab or removing them
> altogether or agreeing always to use tabs for progra, indentation or ....;
> Bill

I didn't want to start something about tab dimensions (not _that_
stupid). If we begin something about that, the next subject will be the
mandatory use of vi to edit the files ;)

But there are a lot (>20000) of lines which have either some spaces/tabs
or combination of both after the final ";" (or "," in the case of
function arguments splitted on a couple of lines.)
IMHO, it'd be better to remove them (although I admit it's mostly for
esthetics reasons).

On the same vein, there are also a couple of instances where the final
semi-colon is doubled, eg: "return S_OK;;". I removed the second one
when grep encountered them.

If Alexandre wants to do it locally, I support him (our mailboxes will


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