Stripping of whitespaces at the end of lines

Vincent Béron vberon at
Wed May 29 10:22:58 CDT 2002

"Dimitrie O. Paun" a écrit :
> On May 29, 2002 10:58 am, Medland, Bill wrote:
> > At the same time how about agreeing the size of a tab or removing them
> > altogether or agreeing always to use tabs for progra, indentation or ....;
> There no need to agree -- tabs are 8 spaces by definition. It's standard.
> As for the indentation size, I think it's time to agree on a size.
> It seems to me that most of the code is indented to 4 spaces. My very
> first contributions were indented to 2 spaces, but I now think that's
> a very bad idea, and I have since fixed those to 4 spaces.
> It really helps to have consisten indentation when reading the code,
> (it's _much_ easier for the eye to identify patterns this way). Are there
> any objections to having the code indented to 4 spaces? (BTW, I'm
> not suggesting on agreeing where to but the curly brackets, I know
> that one's a stickler! :))
> --
> Dimi.

Warning: Chaos lies ahead this path.

That's exactly what I didn't want to see. Let the developper choose the
indentation style. But force him (or some janitor can do it) to remove
unneeded spaces _after_ the end of the code on each line! This should
make consensus.

Having said that, here's my take on the subject of indentation: tabs are
8 spaces, and results in smaller files (1 char vs 4). And if 80 chars is
not enough, use a bigger window. There's a reason winedbg comes up in a
window 132 chars wide.


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