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Andreas Mohr andi at
Wed May 29 15:07:29 CDT 2002

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 12:48:07PM -0700, Andriy Palamarchuk wrote:
> > - "Talking Back" probably isn't very descriptive.
> > I'd add something like "...
> > (bugs etc.)"
> > - that's Albe*r*telli
> > - Application owners play *an* important role in the
> > bugs handling process.
> Oops, sorry Guy.
> Please fix misspellings or bad English you find.
Hehe, ok :-)

> > - why add a whole new ? isn't that a
> > bit overkill ?
> Bug tracking activities are very close to AppDB
> maintaining activities. Both present feedback to Wine
> developers and processing of this feedback. The idea
> is to have one page to describe both activities.
> Users, wanting to provide feedback or help to handle
> such feedback will have one page to start from.
> Information I want to have on this page:
> * link to Bugzilla
> * link to AppDB
> * link to guidelines for Wine bugs tracking process -
> finding, submission, research, fixing, testing. Of
> cause these guidelines will have tons of references to
> existing documents.
> * link to AppDB maintainer guide
> Remove this page if you think this is too much, we can
> regroup information later.
This sounds *a lot* like what
already lists.

I really don't think adding a sort of "duplicate" page is
going to help with the Wine users that already in some cases seem to be
going out of their way to make sure that they don't contribute to Wine
(because it might even leave those people that do want to do Wine
activities confused)
My reasoning is: how many external winehq maintainers do we have ?
how many main AppDB maintainers ? How many FAQ-O-Matic maintainers ?
How many documentation writers ? How many translators ? How many regular
application testers ?
(Almost) all are tasks that even a non-programmer can easily handle given
some dedication...

So how should this page conflict be resolved ?
I'm open to anything - well, probably except to having two separate pages
with some sort of "Wine contribution" content.

> Do you have better name? "User Feedback" does not
> sound good either.
"Getting involved in Wine activities" ?
That might be the link to a combined page, at least.

> > - why is <li>Bugs Hunting Guide</li> non-functional
> > text ?
> FIXME reminder :-) Please remove it.
I'd comment it out, then.

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