User (developer ?) friendly execution trace

max max at
Tue May 21 17:52:45 CDT 2002

I find tracing a wine problem with wine --debugmsg for large programs 
unpractical. Usually you can know about exactly when a program hangs or 
behaves badly, but there's no way to activate/deactivate tracing after 
program start (afaik...)
Being also a windoze (sigh) programmer, I find very useful some utilities like 
winspy that presents a window log in which you can start/stop tracing or 
logging of wine messages, system calls and so on, and activate/deactivate 
filters on the fly.
This would allow spotting the bug when it arises instead of having tenths or 
hundreds of mbyte of logs.
I could implement it as a filter taking input from wine, but I guess it'll 
slow downn much apps, having to parse wine output on the fly.
Much better would be an internal implementation....
Some comments about ?



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