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Tony Lambregts tony_lambregts at
Thu May 30 13:02:56 CDT 2002

Andreas Mohr wrote:

>On Thu, May 30, 2002 at 09:47:07AM -0600, Tony Lambregts wrote:
>>The script was broken by the removal of -managed command 
>>line option  This patch fixes it.
>That's all fine and dandy, but I think the real fix is to
>a) nuke
>b) improve it *a lot*
> is so darn old that the Wine version it had originally been
>written for is *completely* different from what we're using today.
>Thus should at least strip all "irrelevant" bug lines
>(*CriticalSection, Interlocked*crement, Tls*, ...).
>Furthermore it should really include many more debug lines (we're also tracing
>wine internal dlls now sometimes !).
>I'd suggest about 1500 lines of censored output, if not even more.
>Otherwise you can just kiss the debug log goodbye in about 98.5% of all cases.
These are all good points. The reason for the patch in the first place 
is the following bug.

So the question is do we change the bug report to really address the 
problems with or apply the patch and start a new bug 
report. I think that the ideal would be to apply the patch and change 
the bug report. You are right in that it really needs improving and it 
only is usefull in the event of a crash and that happens less often 
these days.

I am more interested in getting the debuger to be more usefull. <grin>
<shameless plug for own problem>
</shameless plug for own problem>

Tony Lambregts

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