DOS memory Question..... or How to increase base memory for DOS apps

Steven Edwards steven_ed4153 at
Fri May 31 10:00:32 CDT 2002

I belive this is what the TWIN project did for there
x86/Win Emulation based on WINE. TWIN is LGPL and wine
has never been able to use that code untill now.

> do everything cleanly and even then, it may not fix
> every dos app, or even worse it could break some
> non-dos app in unforeseen ways...  What is DOSEmu
> licensed under and is it actually open source?  I'm
> wondering, maybe if it is under a compatible license
> and open source, couldn't we take the DOS3CALL or
> int21h routines (or at least parts of them) from
> there...

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