wine can't find when it is not on the path

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Fri May 31 10:55:51 CDT 2002

--- Andriy Palamarchuk <apa3a at> wrote:
> --- Dustin Navea <speeddymon at> wrote:
> <skipped>
> > I do believe that you are running the wrong
> > regedit...
> >  is /prj/wine your wine install dir or did you
> > install
> > to the default wine install dir (/usr/local/bin)? 
> No, this is not wine install dir - this is wine
> source
> dir. And wineinstall runs not the installed regedit,
> it runs the one, compiled in the source three.
> This is how regedit path is defined in wineinstall:
> REGEDIT=programs/regedit/regedit
> I don't think there are other options of
> interpreting
> location of regedit.

I did forget that wineinstall runs regedit from the
source wine directory...

> > If
> > you installed to the default winr install dir, run
> > that one...  I also ran into the problem of "not
> > accessible from a configured dos drive" for the
> wine
> > progs, so I added a symlink to the .exe and the
> > in my fake c drive windows directory and
> > everything worked like a charm...
> wineinstall script should run regedit from the
> source
> tree succesfully or it should be changed to run it
> from /usr/local/bin directory.

Agreed, I would say that probably it would be better
to go ahead and call it from the wine installed dir
(maybe not always /usr/local/bin) since regedit isnt
called until way after make install, so the binary is
guaranteed to be already installed...


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