FW: WINE with MFC and C++ DLLs (Was: Info on porting Wine dlls and programs to Mingw)

Steven Edwards Steven_Ed4153 at yahoo.com
Fri May 31 12:22:17 CDT 2002

In case anyone is interested in a alternitive to winemaker.


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On 2002.05.31 17:44 Steven Edwards wrote:
> MFC can and has been built with Wine although M$ licensing regarding 
> MFC on non-windows platforms is confusing as it has been changes a few

> times. I think VS6 Before SP3 is OK.

This is nice to know. The MFC has been subject of long threads here.
good to know that we can give some alternatives when people ask. (My 
general idea is that people who minimally care with cross-compiler (not
mention cross-platform) compatibility would never choose to build an 
application upon MFC - and that's probably the reason for why MFC has
loosing some ground and interest... )

> Also you guys might be insterested in the winemaker.pl script. It 
> converts VS makefiles to UNIX makefiles and can configure your win32 
> application to be built with winelib+MFC. I may look at adapting it to

> Mingw as part of the port

I once made a small sed script for that, but probably it's not as
as winemaker.pl. But we do have a fairly complete MS Dev Studio
to Unix Makefiles converter. It's availabable on 
http://mefriss1.swan.ac.uk/~jfonseca/gnu-win32/software/msds/ and it
soon be included on a "mingw-utils" package. Perhaps that might be 
interesting for the WINE Lib project too?


José Fonseca

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