So lets say we do it

Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Fri Nov 1 00:12:57 CST 2002

Alexandre Julliard wrote:

> "Dimitrie O. Paun"  writes:
> >So the 5% left, install wine, install a Win-app, and play around.
> >Great, it works!
> You forgot a few things here:
> First it doesn't even start because they don't have a config file. OK,
> they copy one from somewhere, it doesn't work because the drives are
> wrong.

The config file that you guy's at Codeweavers use works verrrry well.
I have not seen anyone cry about drives being wrong on the codeweavers
Discuss list !! And if there is someone with a strange set-up they could 
a DOC on how to correct the problem. Most people ask about how
to set version to win98 .... since --version was removed.

>  Then they don't have the proper registry (winedefault.reg?
> what's that?)

You could look at this registry :
I am in no way saying this is 100% correct but it is at least
a good start :)


>  Then they finally manage to run the installer but it
> puts stuff in RunOnce that never gets run so the app doesn't
> work. Then they finally make the app run but can't print anything. And
> when they ask for help they get told to fight the FAQ-O-Matic crap to
> maybe finally find an answer telling them they are an idiot.
> So no, I'm not going to make a general public release just yet...

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