Wine 0.8 TODO v0.1

Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Fri Nov 1 01:42:31 CST 2002

Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

> This is the initial TODO for Wine 0.8.
> I know, 0.8 has been released before, but that's ancient history.
> Whether or not it gets released with this version number is
> irrelevant. In fact, even if it never becomes a public release,
> it is an important point to reach toward 0.9, and so if we
> complete this work, it would have solved its purpose.

Hello Dimi, List

This is exact same question that I brought up when I did
the TODO's update on the status page :)
I ask if TODO's should be .9/1.0 ToDo's ??? Or just ToDo's
in general. Maybe after all this is hashed out I can go back
and re-do the todo's section of the status page.....




That is what I wanted to do ... but wanting and doing is two very
differant things..
First off I am very new to Wine my self and I just jumped in and
and started with status page updates. Why ?? Because I think if a new
user comes and looks at the frontpage and then ( what is Wine? ) then
ohh shit there is a status page :) :)  Then they look and it has not been
updated in a YEAR !!! Then they have NO Freaken IDEA about the current
status of Wine .... So I ask Alexandre if he would update it :)
And I recieved a nice reply .. I would like for someone to volinteer to do
this .. And here I am ...

Is the Status page up to date ??
@#*% NO ... I need to add in alot of missing parts.. dlls/shlwapi is a 
good example
Marcus Meissner as worker for : ole32, oleaut32. Jukka Heinonen as 
worker on WineDos
I have not made one single change to the Status of any of the 
Documentation !!

Then in the future if ** YOU** make a change to comctl32/listview  and 
if you feel
the status has went from say  5% to 10% -- ( the Status page goes in 5% 
increments.. )
And at the same time you have done some work on the DOC's .. All you 
need to do
is send me a message and say ..... Hey, comctl32 is now --% and the DOC 
status is now
whatever .. And ill update it ! and reflect the change in the Change Log.

The way it is now I Search around for who is working on what .. And then 
the info out of them ;) I don't like doing it this way. But it is the 
only way I have at this time.

I just want to say thanks to everyone who replied and gave Feed Back ( 
it really helps )
And since im new here I can't just make %% up off the top of my head and 
for someone to say .. What the HELL that is not 85% its more like 60% 
then change it
to what it really is ..  Tho it did think about it a time or two  :)

Thomas Wickline

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