What is a leap second

György 'Nog' Jeney nog at sdf.lonestar.org
Fri Nov 1 05:56:08 CST 2002

> On Wednesday 30 October 2002 09:12, György 'Nog' Jeney wrote:
>> >> György, could you check which other includes can be used if
>> winternl.h is absent? Else you''''ll probably have to wait for
>> somebody which has it to compile your test.
>> >
>> > This is included in the latest platform SDK but it should also be
>> defined in ntddk.h.
>> Ok, could somene rather compile this test and send its results? It
>> will be quite big...
> FWIW, RtlTimeToTimeFields() was not declared in the winternl.h included
> in the  PSDK (August 2002) I downloaded and I didn't bother to d/l the
> DDK as well... I took the prototype from Wine's winternl.h instead,
> together with the  declarations for CSHORT and TIME_FIELDS. Then bcc32
> doesn't like inline in C  code, so I just removed that; LARGE_INTEGER
> apparently has no field named "s"  in the headers that came with C++
> Builder, but s/RtlTime.s./RtlTime./g helped  for this; finally I had to
> rename WinMain() to main() as I didn't find the  command line switch to
> produce a Windows Console app :-)
> Also I loaded RtlTimeToTimeFields() from ntdll via GetProcAddress to
> avoid  rebuilding the import library.
> Anyway, output attached.

Thank you and Peter for compiling my test.  This just shows that our
implementation is 100% correct and that windows does ignore leap seconds.


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