Wine FAQ - call for a volunteer

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Nov 1 07:15:37 CST 2002

Andi and I have talked about the FAQ a lot on
and off through the years, going back to when
he was in St. Paul and first set up the

When I go visit a project the very first
thing I look at (before screenshots,
about, or *anything* else) is the FAQ.

Therefore, I think it's extremely important to
have a good FAQ.

Now, Andi has poured a lot of work and energy
into the FAQ over the years.  But, here's
the truth - it's not really a job he wants.
(He and I discussed it privately).
There are a lot of other things he'd rather do.

So, I'm hoping that we could get a volunteer
to step forward and take over responsibility
for the FAQ from Andi.  I'm particularly hoping
that one of the new crop of wine-devel participants
would be inspired to volunteer.

My vision for the FAQ is a hand edited main
FAQ with the current FAQ-o-matic being
pushed to a secondary role.



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