Tucows top-100 applications :)

Urivan Saaib saaib at c-ber.net
Fri Nov 1 06:14:10 CST 2002

Hi to all !

This sounds familiar. ;-)

I've been lost in the development world, but, i still have some quite
interesting results from what i commented  from WineConf.

Will get back when those will be ready to publish.

Cheers !

---Reply to mail from Carlos Lozano about Tucows top-100 applications :)
> Hello,
> It is today top 100 tucows list. I think that it shouldn't
> be the better wine top 100 list, some entries should be
> removed, and some new added. (For example some cdrecord
> program).
> Regards,
> Carlos.
Urivan Saaib
Open Source Communications
Email: saaib at osocomm.com

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