Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Nov 1 11:35:50 CST 2002

In responding to Dimi's call for better binary packaging,
and the whole issue of getting a base line config ready,
it felt clear to me that WineSetupTk is a tool that
is underutilized.

I have been trying to persuade Alexandre to include
WineSetupTk in the main Wine distribution for some
time now, and have always failed.  (Alexandre
is rightly concerned about increasing the dependencies
in Wine).

However, it struck me that we ought to be able to do
a better job of making it available to binary packagers
so that it could be included in more packages.  We could
also make it easier for people to get both Wine and
WineSetupTk from source.

To that end, I have the following proposal, and I wanted to
see what folks here thought.

We would create a parallel CVS tree to Wine; say the
winesetuptk tree.  We'd put that code out under
a dual license (GPL/but we still own rights).
I'd probably welcome multiple maintainers.

The only thorny issue is that we share code between
WineSetupTk and some of our proprietary pieces.  We
could shift our main WineSetupTk development to this
tree, and share the common bits, including our developments
as we make them.  However, in exchange, we would 
need anyone making changes to WineSetupTk to grant
us a license to use their changes in our proprietary
stuff.  (And, of course, if we ever abuse this, someone
can take the GPL tree and go host it somewhere else).

Thoughts?  Comments?

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