dlls/msvcrt: process.c (msvcrt-popen-1)

Jaco Greeff jaco at puxedo.org
Fri Nov 1 12:11:09 CST 2002

On 01 Nov 2002 08:40:20 -0800, Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.com> wrote :
> Jaco Greeff <jaco at puxedo.org> writes:
> > 1. Calling the popen function returns a FILE* which needs to be
> > converted to a MSVCRT_FILE*. The apprach taken here is potentially not
> > the best route but the only one I could think of. Is it suffiecient?
> No, it's wrong. You should be using the Windows API (CreateProcess
> etc.) not the Unix popen(). Then you can build a proper MSVCRT_FILE.

I was actually taking a re-look at that this afternoon. I agree, the initial
reason for th implementation was obviously that _popen is supposed to mimic
popen, but the file conversion leaves me feeling really uncomfortable.

I'll fix it up and submit it shortly.


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