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Fri Nov 1 12:49:14 CST 2002

--- Mark Hannessen <msh104.mymail at> wrote:
> >> Game-wise:
> >> Jazz Jackrabbit 2
> >> Fallout
> > Neverwinter Nights
> > Grand Prix Legends
> Discworld II
> Wing Command 4 ( use the win95 exe instead of the dos exe )
> most games i own install and run ferfectly, but will not give you
> "out the box" experience because wine lacks good copy protection code.
> Diablo II is a good example
> Can't we be a little bit more flexible and add these games to the
> list as well ???
> Mark Hannessen

Just a thought, why not create a bug in bugzilla where people can post which
apps/games/utils work nearly (if not) perfect instead of having ten million
emails.  1 bug for apps, 1 for games, and 1 for utils.

Also, Mark: Diablo II may not work out of the box, but then again it is kinda
hard to get copy protection code that works right without getting a license
for it *cough* transgaming *cough* cheaters *cough* ;P ...

Either way, the cracked exe works, and I have a shell script that performs
the function of the bnet loader, so I can play on BNet all I want.  Only
problem is when Blizzard releases 1.1 :/ ...  Then we gotta wait for the
groups to recrack it.  I definitely say we should have minimal copy
protection support in the tree for the most popular games before wine 1.0
comes out.

Anyways, getting back to the original subject, I am creating the bugs right
now for games apps and utilities...

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