Greg Turner gmturner007 at
Fri Nov 1 13:57:27 CST 2002

On Friday 01 November 2002 11:35 am, Jeremy White wrote:
> In responding to Dimi's call for better binary packaging,
> and the whole issue of getting a base line config ready,
> it felt clear to me that WineSetupTk is a tool that
> is underutilized.

probably.  any tool that can read in a config file, make significant 
changes, and spit them back out without pulverizing is a decent 
accomplishment, and inclusion in wine would certainly encourage further 
development of the features, and default config, provided by the tool 

Right off the bat, one thing comes to mind that could make things a lot 
nicer in the wine universe: instead of the wine invocation wrapper 
script just copying stuff from /etc (or wherever) for new users, it 
could optionally invoke WineSetupTk.  This would give windows converts 
a warm-fuzzy feeling, I bet.

> I have been trying to persuade Alexandre to include
> WineSetupTk in the main Wine distribution for some
> time now, and have always failed.  (Alexandre
> is rightly concerned about increasing the dependencies
> in Wine).

OK, how about a conditional dependency?  The linux kernel certainly 
hasn't fallen into disuse due to the "xsetup" feature.  Certainly 
examples of the neccesary autoconf magic to detect and use itcl/tcl/tk 
are easily found.

> We would create a parallel CVS tree to Wine; say the
> winesetuptk tree.  We'd put that code out under
> a dual license (GPL/but we still own rights).
> I'd probably welcome multiple maintainers.

I'm new around here, so I am happy to defer to the judgement of more 
wizened folks on this issue; but doesn't wine have enough code-forks 

> The only thorny issue is that we share code between
> WineSetupTk and some of our proprietary pieces.  We
> could shift our main WineSetupTk development to this
> tree, and share the common bits, including our developments
> as we make them.  However, in exchange, we would
> need anyone making changes to WineSetupTk to grant
> us a license to use their changes in our proprietary
> stuff.  (And, of course, if we ever abuse this, someone
> can take the GPL tree and go host it somewhere else).

hmmm... well this is all up to you of course.  I took a look at the 
license included with WineSetupTk, and it looks pretty darn liberal to 
me, so I kind of feel like I'm missing your point...?


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