Wine FAQ - call for a volunteer

Jeremy White jwhite at
Fri Nov 1 15:31:25 CST 2002

> I expect to be living close to it for the next few months and may
> well get some questions that don't appear on the mailing list. I also
> don't see myself being able to find the time to do much coding, however
> much I'd like to. 
> On the other hand I'm not sure I can do things in a timely manner with
> other commitments. Might be better to have a primary and reserve
> maintainer. I'd certainly be prepared to take on the latter.
> I can at least offer to do things from a static IP to make access
> control more certain (sorry, I'm a bit of a security freak).

Okay, we have a backup FAQ volunteer.  Who will be our primary?

A certain path to fame, fortune, and a lot of thankless
work <grin>.


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