Wine 0.8 TODO v0.1

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Fri Nov 1 16:06:39 CST 2002

On November 1, 2002 04:51 pm, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> True, the term is overloaded; let's call them phase 1 and phase 2. IMO
> phase 1 is mandatory for 0.9 (and we are pretty close to it); phase 2
> should be well under way for 0.9, but doesn't necessarily need to be
> 100% done, as long as we can fix the remaining ones for 1.0 without
> having to redesign everything.

OK, the reason I was proposing 0.8 as a separate release from 0.9
is that I though 0.9 entails completion of phase 2.

> Well, I think it is a feature, you need to be able to specify an init
> function. Only it will default to DllMain so in 99% of the cases you
> won't have to know about it.

Well, true, but we can make it a command line argument, just like we
did with the other out-of-band .spec directives. Sorry, I was not clear.


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