So lets say we do it

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Fri Nov 1 16:49:42 CST 2002

On November 1, 2002 03:04 am, Francois Gouget wrote:
> My thinking is that only the top-level items would be visible on the
> home page and then you can click on an item to expand it and go to its
> first page.


> Actually, if we want to reduce the number of top-level menus in my
> proposal we could make 'Screenshot' a sub item of 'About' as long as
> About is expanded when you go to the site's home page. 

I don't think we need to do that. I think we've reached a very nice
top-level structure, no need to clutter it by automatically expanding
the About menu.

> Once we have the menu hierarchy we can decide how to display them. I see
> four possible ways:
>  1. not pre-expanded left-side menus
>  2. pre-expanded left-side menus
>  3. drop-down menus
>  4. two-level horizontal menu
> I vote for 1.

Me too.

> > > 2. News
> I don't think these can fit on one page. For instance the back issues
> cannot be on the same page as the current issue. So I think the most
> natural way to deal with this is to have sub-menus.

Not important, but we may not need submenus. Think of this:
  1. Top, slim box with Stable/Development releases
  2. Narrow box to the right with last 5 WNNs (like now of home page)
     with a link at the bottom "Arhives..."
  3. A big central box with the last 3-4 news

In fact, come to think of it, we can make this the Home page. :)

> My thinking was that all 5.x items would be on the same page and that
> the 5.x menus would just point to the relevant section of that page. The
> 5.4.x would not actually be visible on the page and just exist as
> sections in the page. That's subject to that page not being too long of
> course but that should be ok.

OK, as long as we don't have a third menu level. Top-level, and sub-menu
is plenty.

> > Or even better, maybe we can
> > make 5.4 a top-level item, and rename it "Todo".
> No. I don't want to give it priority or separate it from the other
> extremely important ways to contribute to Wine.

Fine. As long as we provide a link from Status... :)

> > > 6. Download
> Yeah, they can be in one or the other. The main thing to avoid is to
> duplicate them. The reason why I put them there is that they are about
> downloading or retrieving stuff while the Development page should be
> more about what to do once you have the source.

But the question is why download. It's clear that the vast majority
targets developers, let's not confuse regular users with those options.
And no, we don't need to duplicate them, that for sure. We need a simple
download page (with links to tarball, .rpms, .debs) for users. The
CVS access, LXR, what have you belong in the development section IMO.


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