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> On November 1, 2002 04:02 pm, Andreas Mohr wrote:
> > I agree that using a static web page for the FAQ part instead could
> > probably be better - but for the troubleshooting content ??
> > The troubleshooting content is meant to be a step-by-step problem solver
> > area (and it is, to some extent). Now tell me how you'd implement the
> > same thing easily with an ordinary web page, without losing flexibility
> > for very quick changes/reordering ??
> Well, for one thing, this should not be in the FAQ, but a separate
> troubleshooting section. Second, I *know* I don't want to see the
> FOM as a user.

I'm a user, hovering around the edges of linux and wine for several years,
and I use this faq-o-matic alot.

 It's just bad. Beyond words! :) I don't understand
> why you want this very quick changes/reordering flexibility. It
> just seems we're trying to fix the wrong problem. We don't need a
> tool to help us add hundred of pages, because nobody will bother
> to read them. We need to think how we can present the information
> in a few pages. Tops. If not, we are better off spending the time
> fixing the problems, rather than documenting workarounds on
> hundreds of pages.
> --
> Dimi.


ps: I love to have the FOM or some FAQ telling how to edit config/registry
to get
debugger to start in same terminal or separate window though. And Lawson's
thingy needs to be there as well :-)

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