Wine 0.8 TODO v0.2

Dimitrie O. Paun dpaun at
Fri Nov 1 17:33:43 CST 2002

This will probably get renamed to Wine 0.9 TODO,
after Alexandre's clarification, but I haven't
changed the name just yet, to avoid confusion.

Once again, what I mean by 0.8:
  -- Users can start using Wine
        -- works well for a fair number of apps
        -- no MS DLLs required (from real Windows)
  -- User facing stuff (website, docs, etc.) are in
        a decent state, to avoid scaring them away
What is NOT in 0.8:
  -- stable server protocol: no binary compatibility
  -- DLL separation: ditto

That being said, this is my initial list. Comments,
flames, suggestions, are appreciated.

A. WineHQ work (Beta at:
  0. Website redesign
 	Jeremy Newman <jnewman at>
  1. Reorganize the navigational menu
	There is a proposal being discussed on the list
  2. Create some really sexy screenshots
	-- one app per screenshot, avoid cluttered desktop
	-- minimize size, if possible by using 
	   'Positioned Color Dithering'
  3. Rework the FAQ interface 
     (static HTML, a la,
      all on one page, with a clickable question list at the top)
	Agreed on the list. Should be written in SGML, so
	we can output all sorts of formats. Which means we
	need layouts, etc. Any takers?
  4. Enlist some 'official' distribution maintainers
     (at the minimum RedHat, Suse, Mandrake, Debian)
  5. Create nice page with apps that run virtually flawless
     They should not require MS dlls, tricks, etc. to run
     Small explanation, screeshot, optional link to download
     page, such as Tucows.
	Carlos <clozano at> is running with it.

B. Documentation work
  Andy, take it away! :)
  0. We need to figure first _what_ is out of date.

C. Wine configuration
  0. Merge configuration into the registry
  1. Write control panel applets for editing it
  2. Have decent defaults so we can start control panel 
     without prior configuration
  3. Have wizard like app to autoconfigure wine
	WineSetupTk proposed by Jeremy White <jwhite at>
  4. Make Wine's DLLs register themselves to avoid
     manual merging of the winedefault.reg
  5. Write .inf script to setup a new Wine installation
  6. Have a wineboot script for RunOnce stuff

D. Stabilize utilities
  0. Get rid of the init directive from .spec files
	Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> volunteered
  1. Make sure the .spec file format is fairly stable
	Any other things that may need changing here?
  2. Ensure the various utilities' options are stable
	Anything here?

E. Important fixes
  0. Window management rewrite, so we can install apps in managed mode.


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