Wine 0.8 TODO v0.1 + help request :)

Kye Lewis kyethespy at
Fri Nov 1 23:02:47 CST 2002

> These are my success stories with a plain installation of wine (i do
> have windows, but i created a new config which doesn't use it)
> Well, Acrobat can install and run pretty much perfectly.

With Latest CVS Acrobat Reader 4.0 seems to only have 1 problem (the
licence agreement screen comes up behind the splash screen - but it is
visible enough to move it anyway)

> Family Tree Maker 9 runs really well as well 
> Not freely downloadable
> Only problem with this one is the installer shows the setup instructions
> behind the background. - but the actual app works pretty much fine

Apart from setup this works very well, although not flawlessly. I don't
know if the internet functions work or not.

> The #1 at Tucows - IrfanView - works pretty much flawlessly as well.
> - look for the #1 (or search for it)

In fact, after a little more detailed look, I would say this works
> MS Calculator ;) works well
> >From the Microsoft Plus! Pack:
> Again, not freely downloadable.
> Spider Solitaire:	FLAWLESS :) - just a tad slow on animations
> Pinball			also FLAWLESS - again a little slow but works!
> More coming soon...

Note: Pinball now comes with windows - so It can be tested out.

Don't include this in the list of working apps, but Adobe Premiere 6.0
has made great progress in the last month or two - It now not only
opens, but will add titles and transitions (normal AVI files will not
open however - it says that they are not a known compression format) -
and when printing to video, it freezes after a few seconds (well, when I
tried it anyway). There are also slight problems with the timeline (but
it is still workable - a great wine success story)

Also, DK Multimedia's "The Way things work" works almost perfectly

I've done some screenshots of running applications in Wine which i'm
going to post to:

a little later on today.

Kye Lewis
kyethespy at

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