Mark Hannessen msh104.mymail at
Sat Nov 2 03:46:43 CST 2002

> Can we post *how* to break the copy protection? I don't think so.
we can. we could include the cracks needed to run the game on the site.
it is legal use a crack if you own the game.
as long as we don't forget the disclamer: "don't download this crack unless
you own this game legal"

if we can not affort having cracks on our site might point them out to a
website that does have them. ( quite easy )

> So no, these don't qualify. If we could, we can add them to a special
> section.

adding them to a different section might be a good idea.
you must realize that 99% of the games out there have copy protection.
so if we do not include copy protected games people will think that
wine runs less than 1% of the games
and i consider that a bad thing

Mark Hannessen

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