Wine FAQ - call for a volunteer

Thomas Wickline twickline2 at
Sat Nov 2 05:07:33 CST 2002

Jeremy White wrote:

> Okay, we have a backup FAQ volunteer.  Who will be our primary?


I will volinteer to *help* on this.. So you now have two people
on the backup side.. I really thought this was over my head and
there would be very little that I could do..
But I will show one example:


Wine currently supports Win32/Win9x (Win95, 98, ME) and Win16 (Win3.1, 
3.0, 2.x) best.
Win32/NT (NT 3.x, NT 4, Win2K, Win XP) support is more problematic, as 
fewer programs need that and as the NT API is often undocumented.
That being said, Wine can currently return all Windows versions (and 
even some more !) given above to programs if you tell it which version 
value to return by --winver xxx.


This needs a append as --winver has been taken out and....

"Windows" = "winXX"

needs to be edited in the config.

I can do what I know and if im not 85% sure i can always ask

So Status page updates and helper on FAQ should keep me busy for a while :)


> A certain path to fame, fortune, and a lot of thankless
> work .
> Jer

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