Z_God zeldario at
Sat Nov 2 07:05:16 CST 2002

Op vrijdag 1 november 2002 22:48, schreef Dimitrie O. Paun:
> On November 1, 2002 05:36 pm, Mark Hannessen wrote:
> > copy protection, nothing more
> >
> > the problem is that there are license issues with copy protection that
> > prevent us from inplenting it at all.
> >
> > but the game itself runs perfect.
> > every function in Diablo II is inplented and working very very well
> > framerate is even higher then in windows !!!
> Can we post *how* to break the copy protection? I don't think so.
> So no, these don't qualify. If we could, we can add them to a special
> section.

I have been thinking about this.
Maybe it would be possible to put the cracks on WineHQ, but making them so 
1. They can only run in Wine (not in Windows).
2. Put a disclaimer before the download that says you may only download the 
'Wine patch' if you own the game.

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