Wine 0.8 TODO v0.2

Shachar Shemesh wine-devel at
Sat Nov 2 10:23:34 CST 2002

What about or similar support? Andreas said he was deffering 
sending in an official patch. I was willing to take ownership over that 
(whether from scratch, or based on work done so far) is Andreas isn't 
interested any more.


Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:

>This will probably get renamed to Wine 0.9 TODO,
>after Alexandre's clarification, but I haven't
>changed the name just yet, to avoid confusion.
>Once again, what I mean by 0.8:
>  -- Users can start using Wine
>        -- works well for a fair number of apps
>        -- no MS DLLs required (from real Windows)
>  -- User facing stuff (website, docs, etc.) are in
>        a decent state, to avoid scaring them away
>What is NOT in 0.8:
>  -- stable server protocol: no binary compatibility
>  -- DLL separation: ditto
>That being said, this is my initial list. Comments,
>flames, suggestions, are appreciated.
>A. WineHQ work (Beta at:
>  0. Website redesign
> 	Jeremy Newman <jnewman at>
>  1. Reorganize the navigational menu
>	There is a proposal being discussed on the list
>  2. Create some really sexy screenshots
>	-- one app per screenshot, avoid cluttered desktop
>	-- minimize size, if possible by using 
>	   'Positioned Color Dithering'
>  3. Rework the FAQ interface 
>     (static HTML, a la,
>      all on one page, with a clickable question list at the top)
>	Agreed on the list. Should be written in SGML, so
>	we can output all sorts of formats. Which means we
>	need layouts, etc. Any takers?
>  4. Enlist some 'official' distribution maintainers
>     (at the minimum RedHat, Suse, Mandrake, Debian)
>  5. Create nice page with apps that run virtually flawless
>     They should not require MS dlls, tricks, etc. to run
>     Small explanation, screeshot, optional link to download
>     page, such as Tucows.
>	Carlos <clozano at> is running with it.
>B. Documentation work
>  Andy, take it away! :)
>  0. We need to figure first _what_ is out of date.
>C. Wine configuration
>  0. Merge configuration into the registry
>  1. Write control panel applets for editing it
>  2. Have decent defaults so we can start control panel 
>     without prior configuration
>  3. Have wizard like app to autoconfigure wine
>	WineSetupTk proposed by Jeremy White <jwhite at>
>  4. Make Wine's DLLs register themselves to avoid
>     manual merging of the winedefault.reg
>  5. Write .inf script to setup a new Wine installation
>  6. Have a wineboot script for RunOnce stuff
>D. Stabilize utilities
>  0. Get rid of the init directive from .spec files
>	Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> volunteered
>  1. Make sure the .spec file format is fairly stable
>	Any other things that may need changing here?
>  2. Ensure the various utilities' options are stable
>	Anything here?
>E. Important fixes
>  0. Window management rewrite, so we can install apps in managed mode.

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