John K. Hohm jhohm at
Sat Nov 2 10:44:39 CST 2002

> First off, thanks for the offer -- it's generous, and very
> useful IMO. It certainly sounds interesting, and I would like to 
> take a peak at the code. The big problem I have with WineSetupTk
> it's that it's written in Tcl/Tk (I suppose). I don't know the 
> language, and I don't care to learn it. Moreover, I think Wine 
> should use itself for such tools, so we get to use all the nice 
> controls we have <g>. One thing that I'd like to see is a 
> programs/winesetup utility that's based on WineSetupTk, but
> it's written in C, with the Win32 API & Controls.

I believe Alexandre plans to have Wine configured via the registry eventually. 
Then it would probably make sense to have a C program that acted as a control
panel applet and did what WineSetupTk does, but in a dynamic fashion using the
registry APIs.  Until then I would expect a C version of WineSetupTk to be
rather ugly from having to deal with much text config parsing and manipulation.

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