dialog boxex and DestroyWindow

Ove Kaaven ovehk at ping.uio.no
Sat Nov 2 16:10:12 CST 2002

I've found an app which calls DialogBoxParam, but destroys the dialog from
inside WM_INITDIALOG, yet expects the dialog to still be alive until
WM_INITDIALOG processing is done, i.e.

 ... initialize and write values to lots of controls ...

 if (user_dont_want_to_see_this_dialog_today) {

  ... mess some more with controls (like reading their current values) ...


Does anyone have a good way to deal with this? One way might be to make
DestroyWindow map to EndDialog in this case (as EndDialog manages to
handle this right), but what would the best way to do that be?

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