Strange problem on serial port

David D. Hagood wowbagger at
Sat Nov 2 17:01:21 CST 2002

There seems to be a strange problem related to the serial port.

Specifically, when running Delorme AAA MapNGo 4.0, and attempting to use 
GPS navigation, it is unable to communicate with the GPS device.

On stderr Wine is printing out
RtlNtStatusToDOSerr - unable to map 00000102

This only happens when the GPS device is connected and sending data, 
otherwise no error is printed.

I know that the device is sending, because Minicom will show the data 
stream from the device. This also leaves out permission problems as both 
Wine and Minicom are running with the same permissions.

A bit of grepping through the code indicates the likely error code is 

Could it be that the serial I/O routines are incorrectly returning 
STATUS_TIMEOUT to the calling program when data was read?

Additionally, I have another Windows program that accesses the serial 
port without problems - could it be that second program is ignoring the 
timeout error, while the first is not?

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