My WineHQ menu structure proposal - counterproposal

Andreas Mohr andi at
Sun Nov 3 04:16:59 CST 2002

On Sun, Nov 03, 2002 at 09:43:40AM +0000, Keith Matthews wrote:
> On 02 Nov 2002 23:51:01 -0600
> "Jeremy White" <jwhite at> wrote:
> > 
> > So, I propose the following instead:
> > 
> > First, this assumes that we use Jeremy Newman's idea of a rotating
> > screen shot on main page, and continued prominence of the news.
> > 
> Ugh.  Why do people insist on thinking that 'sexy' images are the be-all
> and end-all of web design. When I go to a web site I want _information_,
> not some bandwidth-soaking image that gives nothing useful. Have
> screen-shots for those that can't see beyond them, but don't put them on
> the home page, put a clear link to them.
> A lot of people are still on analogue dial-up links, they don't
> appreciate large images increasing download time, I'm on DSL and I
> switch off images to get faster downloads.
But a screenshot showing a sufficient amount of information should only
have about 5 KB or slightly more (I hope :).
Also add a subtitle describing the current screenshot, and then 5 KB
"ought to be enough for everybody" to be interested about a particular

> Other than that you may want to promote 'legal' to the top level, if
> only to reduce the number of menu options for item 1 at the next level.
> 9 is as many as one should have and 7 is a better limit.
Yep, 7 is the standard amount of things you can manage/grasp.

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