My WineHQ menu structure proposal - counterproposal

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Nov 3 07:48:38 CST 2002

> This question thingy is _completely_ non standard, and
> at least for me, a bit annoying. And being so non-standard,
> I think the burdon of proof it's on you to justify such
> a drastic departure from standard website design practice.

I have no objection to changing the titles away from
the question thingy; I care mostly for the content.

I think my points revolve around the number of items
on each page; I vote for fewer (7 is the number I
recall being bandied about as the 'most' you shoud have).

If having the shallowest hierarchy is our overarching
goal, why don't we just have all the entries on
the main page?


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