menu resource parsing question...

Chris Morgan cmorgan at
Sun Nov 3 11:19:17 CST 2002

> > I'm only posting to wine-devel because this check has been in the code
> > since the initial import into cvs and I wanted to see if anyone knew more
> > of the background on the issue.  The fix is pretty simple, just ignore
> > the fact that IS_STRING_ITEM() returns false.  The rest should be taken
> > care of by the existing checks.
> Hmm, so if I understand you correctly: simply make the ERR a WARN ?
> Or does that negative IS_STRING_ITEM test really make a difference in code,
> too ?
> In this case that'd probably have to be changed, too.

I'm saying that the check for IS_STRING_ITEM seems like it should be removed.  
IS_STRING_ITEM already masks off a lot of other bit fields, so if the bit 
fields were quite bogus there is a good chance that IS_STRING_TYPE could 
actually return TRUE but the flags could be quite incorrect.  If anything we 
could replace it with a check that says we can be only one of the available 
types and not more than one although I'm not sure if this case is always 
valid.  Otherwise from the trace it just looks like the traditional way of 
defining a separator is to define a null string and this app just decided to 
use MF_SEPARATOR.  I'm surprised even that we haven't gotten this menu error 
a lot in the past since it seems logical to set the MF_SEPARATOR flag if you 
want a separator, which is kind of why I posted...


> But you might want to make sure that *only* this case is being disregarded;
> any other anomalies should trigger the alarm line.

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