My WineHQ menu structure proposal

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Nov 3 11:11:50 CST 2002

>   * The "Supported Applications" idea is a good one, and I've been
>     advocating it for a few days now. This should be a hand-maintained
>     list of apps what we have 'officially' tested, and know for a fact
>     that work decently in Wine. See the current efforts to come up with
>     the Gold list of apps supported under Wine.

    I actually think that we could have exactly one entry - and
that it be called 'Supported Applications'.  That's the link
people will click on; it addresses their immediate question.
Trying to be more semantically precise with the main menu
link is a mistake, imo.

>   * Minor nit, but I still don't like CVS under Downloads. First off,
>     nobody thinks about using CVS as a Download option. There is a big
>     semantical impedance mismatch here. CVS is viewed as a development
>     tool. Also people using CVS don't go to Download, and viceversa.
>     I think it's a mistake to group items based on their form/syntax,
>     rather than meaning/semantics. In this case, the grouping is based
>     on the fact that there are bits going across the wire, and I don't
>     feel it's a meaningful distinction for anyone.

I disagree here.  I don't think we should expound on CVS here, I'm
just thinking a link to the detailed instructions under Development.
What's the first thing a newbie gets told after reporting
a problem:   "Have you tried it against the CVS tip?"

> I suggest we work off of your latest proposal, and suggest 'patches'
> to it, if anyone feels there should be changes. But this does seem
> to bring us closer to a universally accepted solution. Yay!

I'm good with that.  Double yay!

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