WINE for PowerPC?

Igor Izyumin igor at
Sun Nov 3 11:34:03 CST 2002

On Sunday 03 November 2002 08:47 am, Carlos Lozano wrote:
> El dom, 03 de nov de 2002, a las 08:19, Igor Izyumin escribio:
> > The real challenge is making it efficient - the Super Nintendo runs at
> > about 5MHz but requires a 300MHz processor to emulate it with decent
> > speed.  Unless
> It is not a good example, the snes has 2 different cpus, gpu engine,
> sound dsp engine ..., besides it is necessary a very accurate emulation
> in order to sync the cpus. It does that it is changing from one cpu
> to other very continually, around to every 2 or 3 opcodes. A simple 65816
> emulation will be very fast in a old 486. Besides the snes emulators
> uses interpreter cpu emulation, and it is very inefficient, the
> last-generation emulators uses dynarec emulation, what is X times
> faster. (good examples are ultrahle, corn or vgs).

Yes, I'm aware of that, but the PC has nuances, too.  You can't just write a 
simple x86 emulator for Wine and expect it to work seamlessly.  It won't.  I 
was just trying to make a simple analogy.  UltraHLE is substantially more 
complex than a simple emulator, and implementing good x86 support in wine 
would take substantial time from a talented developer who could otherwise 
improve it in more important aspects (such as running more applications).  
You have to face the facts that Macs have a small market share, are 
relatively expensive, and that few people want to use them to run the same 
old buggy apps that they used on Windows.  Most of them don't run under wine 

The main focus for wine right now is implementing the API and making a 
substantial amount of the major Windows programs work flawlessly.  Most of 
them already run on the Mac.  Most people who have a Mac and want windows can 
afford a copy of VirtualPC.  This is simply an issue of priorities.
-- Igor

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