My WineHQ menu structure proposal

Jeremy White jwhite at
Sun Nov 3 11:38:43 CST 2002

> I am not sure what you're saying here, but as far as I'm concerned,
> I think we should have a link in the menu *only* to the Supported
> Applications page (the hand written one), and from there a link to
> the Application Database. If this is what you're saying, I agree.
> If you are saying that we should point people directly to the 
> Application Database, I disagree.

I'm advocating that the main menu link be called
'Supported Applications', and I'm reserving judgement on
what the resulting page looks like.  However, I think your
suggestion is fine, so long as the app db is not buried as
far as you would seem to like it.

> But this is meaningless duplication. All menus are visible on the
> screen, so there is no point in having two CVS links on the main
> page. In order to use the latest CVS, you better know you're dealing
> with Development stuff, so I still think it belongs under Development.
> In fact, current practice is to put CVS stuff under development,
> and _NOT_ download. Look at SourceForge, and a gazillion other sites.
> And as I said, I think there are good reasons for doing it. And BTW,
> even if there not, many times it's better to stay with the accepted
> practice in things of these nature.

Yikes.  I hadn't understood that the whole menu tree would be
visible on the main page.  I don't like that at all.
34 choices on the first page is way more than the 7 max
I advocate...


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