My WineHQ menu structure proposal

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sun Nov 3 16:01:39 CST 2002

--- Igor Izyumin <igor at> wrote:
> On Saturday 02 November 2002 05:03 pm, Dimitrie O. Paun wrote:
> > This is my proposal for the WineHQ menu structure,
> > based on the discussions I had with Francois.
> >
> > The Home Page should just be our news page. Many
> > projects opt for this, and I think it's good:
> > News are 'zero' click items. It should consist
> > of the WNN box to the right (as our current home page),
> > and a bigger central box for announcements. Each box
> > should have a link at the bottom to their respective
> > archive pages.
> What is the difference between "support" and "documentation"?

Support is when you ask a person a question and you get an answer to that
question.  Documentation is pre-written and may or may not answer your

> Isn't a FAQ
> or 
> a troubleshooting guide documentation?

Yes they both are, but a FAQ is where you get a list of frequently asked
questions and their answers, whether it is a problem or just a general
question, such as "what is wine?", which shouldnt go into a troubleshooting
guide. Troubleshooting guides are there to help someone find out if a problem
they are having is known about or not and if so, how to fix it.

> These two should be merged to make 
> the website simpler to use.

See above for why I disagree.

> If I want to find the FAQ, I don't want to
> guess 
> what section it's in.

You wont have to, it will be in the FAQ section.  And to anyone else reading
this, if this isnt the case, then it should be 2 links on the main page, 1 to
the FAQ and 1 to the _Troubleshooting Guide_.  He is right, if there isnt a
blatent link to the FAQ or a troubleshooting guide on the _main_ page we will
probably lose 5-10% of people that would try wine just because they dont want
to have to search through the site to find it.  I had a hard time making
heads and tails of the official wine documentation when i was a wine

> Also, what's the difference between "development"
> and 
> "contributing"?  It's not immediately clear; maybe the section should be
> part 
> of the development section..

Development is where you get hints on actually implementing a missing
feature, where its up to you as to whether you contribute it to the main
project or not.  Contributing is when you actually send it to the developers
for inclusion.

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