lostwages (alpha 1)

Jeremy Newman jnewman at codeweavers.com
Sun Nov 3 22:08:15 CST 2002

Alpha 1 of WineHQ is up at http://lostwages.winehq.org

The site is very very red. I'm not sure of that idea right now, but tell
me what you think anyway. I think it hurts my eyes, but this is a short
notice thing, I'll come up with something better. Feel free to submit
color ideas.

It does not have Francois' latest menu's in yet, but that is easy to
change, the menu system reads the menu from an array in the config file.
So it's much more dynamic.

Anyway it's late, and I imagine you all will tear this to shreads, so
have fun doing so. I'm always flame retardant (mostly cause I don't
care, and will do what I want anyway >:)

nighty night!


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