Debug messages specific to COM components?

Mike Hearn m.hearn at
Mon Nov 4 02:54:18 CST 2002

Hi all,

I posted a similar query on Thursday but got no response, and was then
away for a few days, so I'll try again a few times before filing
something in bugzilla and forgetting about it.

Basically my question is whether there is any way of restricting debug
messages to one particular COM component: I have some problems with
seemingly spurious mouse messages going to the Adobe SVG Viewer plugin
in IE6 and would like to cut down on the huge log files wine can
generate in these circumstances.

In case anybody might know of such an issue, I've found that the ASV
triggers onMouseMove events for (0,0) incorrectly, and when dragging
with the LMB down bad onMouseUp events are handled. I'm guessing Wine is
sending mouse messages to the plugin incorrectly, but I'm not really
sure how to start verifying that.

thanks -mike

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