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Martin Wilck Martin.Wilck at
Mon Nov 4 04:02:59 CST 2002

Am Fre, 2002-11-01 um 00.09 schrieb Dimitrie O. Paun:

>   -- the big "Navigation" box is wasted space, because
> 	1. It contains items everybody expects as a left-hand menu
> 	2. Contains no real content
>   -- while pretty, the layout is a non-standard, and is a wee bit
> 	too far away from the "least surprise" principle
>   -- the news/announcements need a bit more space

I disagree. Although there may be room to improvement, I see no point in
making winehq conform to that "standard". There are already way too many
web sites looking all the same. Winehq has a top navigation bar, and
that's perfectly fine to my taste. 

>    You need only *one* click. In our site, you need 3-4 clicks,
>    scrolling, etc. Vast majority of people don't have such a long
>    attention span.

Sorry, people who consider 4 mouseclicks too many will not have the
patience to setup wine, not even after your 0.8 release.

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