WineHQ menu (take 3)

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Mon Nov 4 06:48:58 CST 2002

--- Francois Gouget <fgouget at> wrote:
> Here's the latest version of my WineHQ menu proposal. I tried to take
> into account (at least some of) the comments I received on the previous
> one.
> What's especially new is that you can see this one on the Web and that
> should give everyone something more concrete to think about. Note of
> course that it's just a draft so it comes with disclaimers:
>  - I did not reorganize anything in the Web site so the links may not
> take you were you expect. In particular they will systematically send
> you to the 'old' site.
>  - the presentation is a patchwork of stuff taken from WineHQ's bugzilla
> and WineHQ's home page and about the only screenshot that we have. So
> the look and feel is far from consistent. But I want you to imagine in
> your mind that it all matches pretty well.
> Now that you've read the disclaimer you can have a look at it:

WONDERFUL!  I love the site, with the exception of one little nit...

The colors, duke, the colors!  We need a standardized color system, whether
green or rust, or something new for the new site doesnt matter to me...  (Yes
I read the comments of yours, but): Maybe the news section directly after the
About on the main page.  It just doesnt look good without a scrolling page
<duck> ;) .  I do like the idea of a screenshot over on the right, maybe we
could make it more dynamic though, have a script randomly pick from all of
the submitted screenshots.  

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