A problem with comctl32

DanteAliegri dantealiegri at umbc.edu
Mon Nov 4 07:30:20 CST 2002

Rolf Kalbermatter wrote:

>There is a huge distinction between static and const. static is allocated
>on the heap as global as you say and that means bad things will happen when
>the function is called in parallel from several threads.
>const basically is only a compiler restriction which prevents the programmer
>to change the value of a variable after it is initialized. That's why you had
>to remove it as otherwise the compiler complained that the variable assignement
>later on would not be valid. But the const variable is still allocated on the
>stack and therefore threadsafe.
>Rolf Kalbermatter
Ah, yes, I know what const and static do.
I was just thinking that const was a global as well as static ....
I must be thinking C++/constructors and be getting confused.

So just plain INT is is.

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