msvcrt-A08: _dup

Jaco Greeff jaco at
Mon Nov 4 08:40:22 CST 2002

Jaco Greeff wrote:
> This patch in the msvcrt-A?? series implements the _dup function, 
> allowing you to duplicate msvcrt file descriptors.

I've got a strange feeling that I stuffed up here, comments will be 
appreciated. Is the intention that it (_dup/_dup2) should duplicate the 
associated HANDLE as well? At present I don't duplicate the actual 
HANDLE, rather return a new fd which at the lowest level still points to 
the same handle. Something tells me that I should be duplicating the 
handle as well.

I just found some sample code which points to duplicating the actual 
handle as well - comments please before I "do it right"(tm).


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