RFC: rpcss skeleton prototype #2

Greg Turner gmturner007 at ameritech.net
Tue Nov 5 09:04:52 CST 2002

On Tuesday 05 November 2002 07:34 am, Martin Wilck wrote:
> Am Die, 2002-11-05 um 13.43 schrieb Ove Kaaven:
> > Hmm, that may not be necessary. If Samba provides a RPC
> > registration service then we wouldn't need another DCE RPC daemon
> > like freedce's, we could just use Samba as our registration service
> > (and if uses the port but doesn't have that feature yet, someone
> > might be able to convince them to add it).

the only thing that's a little wierd about this is the prospect of 
creating a (conditional) dependency on Samba for wine... perhaps we 
want both (A) support from Samba and (B) our own service capable of 
listening on these ports and firing up rpcss as needed, under some user 

Anyways, it's a bit of a project in-and-of-itself... it's important  to 
think ahead, but there's no point in planning out the finer details 
until we have the basics implemented.

> Good luck! From what I learned in my latest Samba inquiry, they have
> other things to worry about. 

yes, I hear they are busy.

> In any case you must make sure this is
> all properly separated, for GPL license issues.

yup.  X11 (and LGPL?) code can be sublicensed by Samba under GPL, but 
it's a one-way-street, I guess.  It's not worth driving ourselves nuts 
over these issues until the big picture is clearer.

> > It'd probably be worth looking into when the time comes.
> I recommend approaching the Samba guys early so that they know this
> functionality is desired. Whoever wants to implement this must be
> prepared to dig into Samba hacking.
> Martin

I think, ATM, it's premature to do much more than let them know what's 
going on on our end.  It'd be somewhat unreasonable to expect the busy 
Samba hackers to code against our vaporware.  Maybe I'll fire off some 
e-mails to them after work today... looks like more mailing list 
subscriptions for me... :(


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