lostwages (alpha 1)

David Fraser davidf at sjsoft.com
Mon Nov 4 02:21:04 CST 2002

Jeremy Newman wrote:

 >Alpha 1 of WineHQ is up at http://lostwages.winehq.org
 >The site is very very red. I'm not sure of that idea right now, but tell
 >me what you think anyway. I think it hurts my eyes, but this is a short
 >notice thing, I'll come up with something better. Feel free to submit
 >color ideas.
 >It does not have Francois' latest menu's in yet, but that is easy to
 >change, the menu system reads the menu from an array in the config file.
 >So it's much more dynamic.
 >Anyway it's late, and I imagine you all will tear this to shreads, so
 >have fun doing so. I'm always flame retardant (mostly cause I don't
 >care, and will do what I want anyway >:)
 >nighty night!
Just wondering, is it really neccessary to have the URLs as queries i.e.
Couldn't they just be
etc? Of course I don't know what you're doing on the server side but the
is all pretty much static. That said, I can't think of that many reasons
why it has
to be as I said except that it is easier to type in and mozilla will
guess it nicely.


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