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vinn at theshell.com vinn at theshell.com
Tue Nov 5 10:16:57 CST 2002

Concerning apps, I think Thomas is right.  Personally
I could care less if I can use yet another CD/MP3/ogg
player.  I understand the need for running small apps
to nail down the bigger ones, and multimedia apps are
definitely sexier than most others.  However, right
now there's a lot of areas in Linux where there aren't
that many (or any) apps to choose from.  For instance,
here's some categories on Tucows to choose from:

3D apps: http://tde.tucows.com/mmedia/3d95.html
Accounting: http://tde.tucows.com/business/acctng95.html

Maybe I should shut up now and try some out..

-Brian Vincent

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