Lost Wages (round 2)

Dustin Navea speeddymon at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 5 16:43:20 CST 2002

--- Jeremy Newman <jnewman at codeweavers.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2002-11-05 at 16:15, Igor Izyumin wrote:
> > IE has broken png support, as well.
> Yes it does doesn't it. So far the only ones that support PNG are
> Mozilla, Opera and Konqueror. I tested Konq 2.2, it got the transparency
> right, but not the shadow and the anti-aliasing of the image to the
> background color.
> Looks like I may have to fall back to GIF, since PNG is not supported.
> Unless someone knows of a workaround. I created my images in Gimp.
You could try using AOL's .art format ;-P

Just in case anyone on here couldn't tell, and so I dont get flamed to hell,
I was just kidding about that.. :p


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