OT: Wine history

Chris Morgan cmorgan at alum.wpi.edu
Tue Nov 5 19:04:10 CST 2002

Tom Wickline showed me a faq page he is working on and I came upon the history 
of wine that I've read before but have always been curious about.   This is 
the faq entry:

What's the history of Wine?

 The Wine project started in 1993 as a way to support running Windows 3.1 
programs on Linux. Bob Amstadt was the original coordinator, but turned it 
over fairly early on to Alexandre Julliard, who has run it ever since. The 
newsgroup was created in July 1994. Over the years, ports for other Unixes 
have been added, along with support for Win32 as Win32 applications became 

Also see http://www.winehq.com/about.shtml 

I was curious as to whether anyone knew where Bob Amstadt went and if there 
were some of the "old timers" that would be willing to tell some stories of 
the dawn of wine development.  How people looked at the project, who was 
around early on, big development pushes, anything people might find 
interesting.   ;-)


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